I Might Just Be Back

October 14, 2009

I haven’t written a post in a really long time, mostly because I haven’t felt like I have had anything to say.

A quick update:

I officially finished grad school this summer. I still don’t think I really believe that I have a masters. I always think that you have to be smart to have a masters and I don’t really feel smart enough, but I indeed finished and am very pleased with my grades. The same day that I finished school I packed up my apartment in Chicago, well what was left of it, and headed back to Des Moines. I had sold all my furniture on Craigslist and had been living on an air mattress and desk chair for almost two weeks at the end. I had also had visitors the last couple of weeks who took loads of clothes and such back to Des Moines. I spent a quick night at my parent’s house before moving into my new place the next day. I am now living in an awesome neighborhood in an awesome apartment that I love. It was a really crazy couple of days with finishing school and all the moving.

Shortly after getting home I sat for my LMSW licensing exam. While a license isn’t required for all jobs, it is required for therapy positions as well as if I am interested in gaining the 2000 hours needed to earn the highest social work license (which I am). Luckily I passed the exam and after far too many phone calls to track down my transcript and other ridiculous conversations, I have my license in my possession ready to change the lives of as many children and families as I can.

Now the hard part, unemployment. I ended my summer job a week before coming back and have been spending my time in Des Moines desperately seeking a job. I had been really careful with my money this summer to help me deal with the unemployment but I definitely didn’t have enough. I had no idea I would be without a job for so long, especially since the process started back in May! I was applying to five+ jobs a day in all different fields and experience/education levels. I was getting some interviews but I kept being told I was over qualified or didn’t have enough experience for my education. Apparently it’s not a good thing to get a masters after getting a bachelors(?!).

My parents have been super understanding and helpful and were giving my jobs to do for them both at home and their work which has been helping me earn money for food and rent. About a month ago I was hired at The Gap and have been working for a couple of weeks now. Unfortunately, I have gotten less than ten hours every week so it doesn’t help much and have yet to be able to use my discount.


Yesterday I got a job!!!!!!

I am going to be doing counseling/therapy work with children and families. I would argue that it is one of the best agencies in town and I am really excited. I am SOOO in need of the routine as long with the opportunity to once again be able to rely on myself and not others for money. The process of being unemployed has been one of the most isolating, frustrating, emotionally draining, and trying times I have ever gone through. It still doesn’t feel real yet. Each day I knew that somewhere inside I was hoping to get a job but I don’t know if I ever really thought it would happen. I start in less than a week and I can’t wait to learn more about the position.

As far as working on the weight loss, it seems to have taken a back seat for a while and I am really to get back in the game. I still watch what I eat but was having a really hard time getting to the gym (which seems silly with how much free time I had). I was getting lost with the lack of routine. I recently started going on walks and getting back into “moving” again. I am really proud of how far I have come in a year, but now it’s time to reassess goals in my new life in a new(old) city and find the courage to lose another 70 pounds.

Just because, here are two pictures that I love that my friend Jake took. I am ready to be happy again.




2 Responses to “I Might Just Be Back”

  1. Sarah Says:

    good news! I never knew you had a blog..good thing you informed facebook about it. Congrats on the job, hoping all the best for a new beginning. And also, I love the pics!! awesome hair!
    hope you are well. we are both iowans now! you should come up to decorah around christmas at luther..could be fun!
    be in touch.
    much love,

  2. Hey Andy…working at Kimberly Clark…no I’m not working with E&Y =) Come on http://tropaadet.dk/lucretiahowe39213081830

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