Where has the time gone?

June 15, 2009

I didn’t realize it had been so long since my last post. I think its mostly because I feel as if nothing exciting is really happening that could justify a post.

Classes have started and are in full swing. With classes only being for ten weeks there is really no time to waste. I am already completing my first paper and working with a group on another project. My program is a twelve month program and fortunately (or unfortunately in some moments) you can pretty must start whenever you want in the cycle. I started last August but the beginning of the cycle actually starts in June. Basically this means that my two classes this summer are the two beginning classes and I have already completed everything beyond them. I am and will learn valuable material while being in these classes, but I must admit that I have become rather judgemental too quickly about my fellow classmates. It is just easy to tell that they are new to the school scene. Most of my classmates are adult students so they haven’t been in this setting for quite some time and they seem so anxious and always asking a thousand questions. I know it will get better has each week passes but for now I seem to be a little impatient.

Work is work. Some days I can’t help but roll my eyes realizing that I work at a zoo. I would have never thought that at this point in my life that I would be at a zoo. Luckily, it is a convenient summer job that I will be able to easily leave when I am ready to move back to Des Moines so it works. I was promoted to Shift Lead. I am actually really glad because 1) there is a pay raise and 2) I get to do a lot more in a day rather than having to just stay at one spot. I am not someone that can handle monotonous work very well so I am appreciate the opportunity to have a varied day.

Along with school and work, I continue to stay busy with working out. I have been working with a new trainer and really love it. I lost another twelve pounds in the five works of working out with him. I have lost a little over 60 pounds in 9.5 months. I am really pleased with my progress but I am also staying realistic about how much more work I want to get down.

I had a friend in town last week and someone in town for the next 5 weeks. Having visitors really makes it feel like summer.


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