Summer Has Arrived (for me)

May 4, 2009

I took my last final this past Thursday so my semester is officially over. While there are days that I really wish I were back in Des Moines and thinking this will never end, I really can’t believe how fast these two semesters have gone. I am two short summer classes away from completing my masters. I really can’t believe that. It feels like something that only smart, crazy people can do….maybe I am smart and crazy.

One of the things that I have been most looking forward to with the end of the semester is the ability to read for pleasure without actively putting off some other required reading. In fact, I have already completed my first book, “Angry Conversations with God.” It was a really good book in which a comedian and long-time Lutheran took God to couples counseling. It was quite fitting considering I took a Religion in Therapy course this spring. I honestly took a lot from it and while it is only a memoir, I could see referencing it again. I also loved the silly Lutheran references being a long-time Lutheran myself. It’s really amazing outside today so I think I will walk the couple of blocks to Caribou to spend some of my gift card I got from my parents for Easter and start my newest book, “Entertaining Disasters” I have a couple of more books on my self that should get me through until payday.

The job at the zoo is in full swing. It’s an easy job that doesn’t require any thinking but it still manages to wear me out. I worked three days in a row over this past weekend. 8+ hour days at a free zoo is really crazy. The hardest part is being “on” for that long. It’s funny though because it’s all genuine, at least for me. I was at the carousel yesterday and it was so much fun seeing all the kids get so excited to ride and then wave every time they pass their parents. I am laughing and smiling along with the parents and then smiling and welcoming new riders and saying thank you and goodbye as they leave. It really is a lot of smiling. My cheeks starting to get tired…what a lame complaint. I am appreciating my day off today to give my face a rest.

I am heading back to Des Moines on Thursday for an interview for a real grown-up job that requires my masters. I am really hoping it goes well so keep your fingers crossed for me.


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