It’s a New Day

April 24, 2009

Yesterday was the last class of the semester….I made it. It was a stressful week with completely papers and a last-minute grant for my internship but it all got done on time and I feel good about it. As I was leaving my last class on Tuesday I found myself having to choke back some tears. It really surprised me at first, but then I laughed because of course I would feel like crying. I learned so much from this course and know that I will be a better clinician because of that professor. It was a bittersweet ending because it means I am one step closer to being ready, but it also means I am getting closer to having to do it on my own. I take a lot of my relationships at school very seriously. There are a lot of professions that run in families like teaching or medicine and even social work. Unfortunately this isn’t the case for me. Therefore, the connects I have at school is my one opportunity to have community where I can speak the jargon and tell the stories and have everyone understand. I have one last final next week and then I don’t start up summer classes until June.

I had my first day of training at the zoo last Saturday. It was an introduction to everything about the zoo. I go back again tomorrow, this time to get training on all the actual tasks I will be doing. It’s sort of weird knowing when I need to be there, but not knowing when I will be done. I like knowing ahead of time how long my days will be. Hopefully I am not there forever. I am on the regular schedule for next week so work is soon in full swing. I was able to have a nice, calm day today and have a couple next week but I am welcoming the quick transition. I don’t do well with day upon day of nothing to do; I think I lost tolerance during my summer long unemployment last year.

Some exciting news…..I GOT AN INTERVIEW!!!!! I am trying really hard to not get too excited since it is only an interview but it is so exciting thinking that my degree could actual mean something. I don’t want to say too much yet to jinx it, especially because it sort of feels too perfect. The possibility of knowing that I have a job to go back home to would make this summer so much more enjoyable knowing I don’t have to budget multiple months of potential unemployment. I will be heading back to Des Moines in two weeks for the interview process so keep your fingers crossed for me. I am also secretly excited to get back to Des Moines, even if it’s only for a couple of days. It will help pace the summer more.


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