Can a week have eight days?

April 15, 2009

I wish I was a blogger that had time to write posts more often. I have felt the pressure and desire to write again but I never feel like I have enough time and/or anything important to say.

I had a really great time back in Des Moines for a week over Easter. Each time I go back to visit it gets better and better. I really feel like I fit in Des Moines and that there is a community there for me. It validates my decision to return once I am done with my degree. The down side is that I always have to come back to Chicago. It’s not that I hate Chicago but it is always such a contrast from where I have just been. I go from being around people all the time to being by myself busy with life. Its hard to adjust from “vacation” back to normal life. Without any hesitation everything had to go back to how it always has been.

Class is done next Thursday so I am busy with finishing papers as well as finishing meetings and projects at my internship. In the middle of finishing everything up, I have training this Saturday for my summer job as well as my parents in town. Its going to be a crazy couple of weeks and sometimes it feels hard to keep going but I will of course get through.

A side note, it has been 45-50 degrees the past couple of days which isn’t terribly cold but I have been FREEZING! Seriously, I feel like I have had goosebumps for days. I can’t seem to be warm no matter where I am. I even have had the shower with hot water only and it still hasn’t been enough. I hope Chicago can figure out that it is Spring soon. I am really tired of being cold.


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