Unrelated Thoughts of Nothingness

April 1, 2009

As I have mentioned before my regular bus routes are some of the most used in the city resulting in stuffed buses all the time. As I was on the bus on Tuesday morning heading to classes I witnessed a rather unique woman. Before telling the story I must share that I had three different papers due that day so I had not gotten my normal hours of sleep the night before. I was lucky enough to get a seat on Tuesday but the aisle quickly filled up next to me. A woman quickly grabbed my attention once the bus got moving again. She kept looking around trying to figure out where to place her hand. The way traffic is in this city it really is best to hold on at something. Even when holding on there can be sudden stops. I can’t tell you how many amateurs I have seen either fall or nearly fall in the aisles. (am I a city snob?)

Anyways, this woman was not holding on to anything and I noticed how every time the bag of the man standing behind her in the aisle touched her sucked her breath in and tried to become as little as possible. She would apologize to everyone around her if she got too close. When on the bus it is guarenteed that you will touch and be touched by many, many people. I didn’t understand all the apologies but she never stopped. I couldn’t help staring but I was fascinated. It was becoming quite obvious how uncomfortable she was that the man’s bag would touch her arm. She kept brushing her sleeve with a paper as if she was getting rid of the dirt. She was having a really hard time maintiaing her balance and I watched as she looked from the bar to the seat from the bar to the seat trying to decide where she would hold on. I can’t even imagine the conversation going on in her head. Eventually she took a glove out of her bag and held on to the bar above. My stop came and I wasn’t able to watch any longer. I wonder how she gets through her day. I have decided she is scared of dirt and germs. I wish her well.

In other unrelated news, I have found myself a job for the summer. I am going to be working at the Lincoln Park Zoo. No, I won’t be doing social work with the animals (though I wonder what it would be like trying to do group therapy with the monkeys…) I am actually really looking forward to the position. I was needing a job that I could take and not feel guilty about leaving at the end of July. Luckily this is a seasonal position so it works out perfectly. Also, it is a ten minute bus ride or twenty minute walk which is really great. I will do all kinds of jobs such as run the carousel or work a concession stand which doesn’t sound glamorous but I will get to be outside and be with families which is what I have been studying so… Also, while being an employee I get admission to all the museums in the city free for me and a guest. I will definitely be visiting all the museums this summer and any guess that comes to visit. With admission costing almost $20 for the aquarium the free pass sounds pretty amazing.

I getting ready to head home for a week on Friday. It’s spring break at my internship site and holy week (yeah for attending a Catholic school who gives breaks!) so I am giving myself another spring break before coming back and finishing up the semester. My last day is April 23rd which is crazy to me. Is my summer really only three weeks away?


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