Amazing Weekend

March 23, 2009

My little brother Alan came and spent the weekend with me here in Chicago and it was awesome.

On Friday we went out for the traditional Chicago-style pizza and then made our way to Baby Wants Candy. I don’t really take advantage of nightlife here so it was fun to go out with Alan. The show was a really hilarious improv musical show. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and at $5 for students I definitely want to go back.

We slept in on Saturday and evetually made our way to a cute and cozy diner for some lunch. I have passed the diner so many times since living here and Alan seems to appreciate trying out restaurants so he was my perfect companion. The whole weekend was sunny and warm so it felt great getting out. After lunch we made our way downtown to do some shopping. I sort of felt proud getting to show Alan around the city. I was able to take him down to all the buildings that I have classes in. It might seem silly, but it meant a lot to be able to show someone where it is that I spend my time. After walking by school we did some shopping getting clothes that wasn’t needed but fun to get.

Shopping really wore us out so we headed back to my place. Alan and I are secretly foodies so we made a trip to whole foods to take in all the ridiculously overpriced items. Inspired by some bruschetta from the night before we made some on Saturday and Alan made us some delicious spaghetti and meatballs. I was able to show Alan that not all wine is gross,  in fact I think he was quite surprised at how good wine could be.

After another late morning on Sunday we headed out for another shopping trip. We ended up not getting anything that trip but it was fun getting to walk around my neighborhood and getting to show Alan more of where I live. We went to a movie in the afternoon and laughed the whole time and ate too much popcorn. After some Mexican food for dinner I took advantage of the extra hands and brought Alan along with me to the grocery store so that I could get all I needed and get it home without killing my arms. We had a quiet night on Sunday because unfortunately I had to get back to reality today with school and work.

Alan was really nice and, rather than having to take the bus to my meeting, he dropped me off. No matter how many goodbyes I have said over the years, I never seem to be able to handle them well. As we were hugging goodbye I couldn’t really say anything because I was having to hold back tears since I needed to go into work. I had a really great time with Alan and love how as we get older we remain close and that the relationship keeps evolving. I feel really blessed to get along with my brothers so well.


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