An Attempt at Sharing My Life

May 3, 2006

I am safely back in Norway and it feels like it has been forever since I have been in this place that I have learned to call home.

I spent four days in Russia and got to a part of something so different and amazing. I thought that it would be easier for me to talk about Russia as time has passed but it doesn’t seem to be coming to me any easier. I was in a place I could have never prepared myself for before hand. Life in Russia is so different than in the states. Their current culture is so new and they are still struggling to find their identity and reasons to be happy about life. I think that the best way to deal with Russia is to just have people ask me questions when they have them.


After we were done with Russia we headed to Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm is a very gorgeous city and it was a really nice change from the grey feeling of Russia. We stayed in a boat hotel. It was really funny to be on the boat and have the endless movement throughout the day. Our time in Stockholm was really relaxed. We visited some art museums and mostly had time to ourselves just get to walk around and take in yet another city to add to our list of visited cities.


On Wednesday some of the group came back here to Lillehammer and the rest of us left for more travels around this silly globe. Myself and three others headed to Budapest, Hungary. We didn’t have any expectations about the city, we were simply going because it was one of the cheapest places to visit. We were so awesomely surprised once we got there.


Budapest is one of the prettiest cities I have ever seen. The Danube River is so peaceful and just getting to walk along it every day made life seem just a little bit more manageable. I think what added to the awesomeness of the trip was that I was traveling with my best friends from my group and so there was not a single feeling of stress the whole time. We had a really cool balance between seeing sites and finding time to relax. We continued to get closer which I didn’t think was possible and I loved it.


I am now down to two weeks and the school work is piling up with papers and presentations and tests. Yikes.


I leave tomorrow for a three day fishing trip along the coast and I will be back late Monday and then we leave again on Wednesday night for some more touring of the country.


Time is flying faster than it ever has before.


Love you all.


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