Athens Update Number 2

April 13, 2006

My time in Athens has been perfectly amazing. On Tuesday morning we left the hostel around 10 and went and spent the whole day in the sun at the Acropolis. The history at that place is so crazy. I just couldn't get enough of what was seeing. We came back around 5 and just hung out before going out for our Greek gyros.

Yesterday we went to the Temple of Olympian Zues. Again the history just pulled me in and I couldn't seem to pull my eyes away. The day was gorgeous so we headed across the street to the National Gardens and found a cafe and enjoyed the sun with some Greek Ice Coffee or Frappe. We then headed down to the port to see about going to an island.

This morning we got up early and took an 8:30 FlyingDolphin to the island of Hydra. It was this crazy speed boat and we got there in 1.5 hours. We spent the whole day today just sitting in the sun enjoying the water and good conversation. We took the cheap ferry back which took 3.5 hours. The scenery was ridiculous and the sunset took my breathe away. We are back at the hostel now with tans and tired bodies. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain so we are going to hit the mall.

This is way too simple an update and I will do better once I get home but I wanted to share what I could.



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