Smiling in Athens

April 10, 2006

Life continues to surprise me with what I am doing everyday.

On Sunday we woke up and walked to the Academy Gallery where many famous artists studied. While there we got to see Michelangelo's David. That was so crazy. I couldn't believe I was seeing that in person. Don't worry, I snuck the forbidden photo. We then headed off to the Duomo which is one of the oldest Cathedrals ever. It is made completely out of marble. It has the tombs of Michelangelo, Dante, and others don't I can't remember at the moment, they are written in my notes.

After some lunch and gelati we found a courtyard and ended up taking a two hour nap in the sun and it was perfect. We headed back to our hostel and got our stuff and made the journey to the train station. We had a 3.5 hour ride back to Rome. One of the neat things about traveling is getting to meet so many cool people. We set next to a couple from Isreal that were 23 and we had the most amazing conversations. It's talks like that that help pass the time.

We thought we were doing really well with all of our planning but we were presented with a loop hole once we got into Rome. The subway had stopped for the night and we needed to find a way to get to our hostel. We called the hostel and told them we would be later and they told us not to take a taxi because they would rip us off so he was trying to give me instructions on how to use the buses. It was really hard to understand what we was saying and even more difficult to then take those instructions and put them into action but we eventually found ourselves in our hostel where we were able to get a short nights sleep of 5 hours before heading back out to the train station to take the express train to the airport.

We arrived in Athens around 2:30 and then had to take an hour bus ride and then a sub ride to the stop 10 minutes away from our hostel. After navigating our way through the streets we found our hostel around 5:00. We plan on having a really early night with a lot of sitting around. We found a grocery store and snuck some food into the hostel and we will probably be in bed before ten.

Tomorrow we are heading off to do all the tourist stuff we love. Wish us luck!!!

Miss you all and love you more.


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