On the Up and Up

April 1, 2006

As I knew it would, my sadness has passed and awesome things continue to happen in my life. 

This past week seemed to fly by faster than past. I had a paper due on Thursday that took up some time. It was one of those papers that I got to do a ton of research for that I wanted to keep reading but had to decide what I was actually going to put in the paper. I wrote all about the role of the Christian churches during the Holocaust and why there weren't a more dominant force in helping the Jews and a stronger voice against Hitler and his doings. If you want to know anything about it I think I can tell you a little something.

On Thursday night myself and four others headed into town to the Salvation Army house and hung out with seven teenagers who are a part of the "Thursday Team". The teens come from homes with substance abuse problems and they get to meet on Thursdays and hang out and be with people that understand what they are going through. They hang out, make and eat dinner together, and hang out some more before going home. It was so awesome to be able to be a part of it. I took pictures so make sure to look at them. I left the meeting being so filled with excitement for what I can do as a job in my future. All of these experiences just continue to act as signs that Social Work is so completely what I am supposed to be doing with my life. The leader of the team, Henrik, was a Social Work and Psychology double major and now works in the hospital here in Lillehammer in the psych ward with teens. We got to talk quite a bit and it was really exciting to get to ask questions I have about the system here but also get to talk to someone in the same field in which I want to go into and just try and take in as much as I can. I know this is a simple review of the night but know that it was one of my favorite experiences here.

I think the weather deserves a little mention this entry. It has been so crazy here. First, we had day light savings last weekend so for a week I have been 8 hours ahead of home which seems a little silly. This means that it is light out well into the nine o'clock hour which is nice. However, it has been super nasty outside so it has been hard to enjoy. For most of the week it was snowing/raining but it was warm enough that snow was still melting so the ground has become one intense muddy puddle. At night it get colds enough so everything freezes so trying to get to class in the morning on solid ice is crazy but by the time class is over it has gone back to all the glorious mud puddles. The bottoms of my pants are constantly wet and all the sand that was used throughout the winter has come into our house.

Exciting though, today the sun came out and the temp was up and I just had to get out. I went on a walk which ended up being a 3.5 hour excursion on foot through four towns. It's sort of silly now to think about what I did but I just started walking and kept going and towns just kept coming and going as well. It was so amazing out. I was by myself with the sun, warmth, and music playing in my hears. It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon because I sort of escaped everything. I was thoughtless for most of the time and was just taking in what was around me and what I was doing and enjoying ever second of it. I felt alive for a really long time and it was so perfect.

I have four more days till my month excursion across Europe. I am getting really excited but have a final to take before I go so I am trying to stay at some level of reality.

Things are super good right now and I am really happy with where I am at and the people that I am getting to share it with and my heart is at peace.

Love to all.


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