Somewhat Different Tune

March 26, 2006

I have sort of been pondering this entry for a while. Most, if not all of my past entries have been me sharing all the awesome things that have been happening here and how awesome life is. I am very strong in believing that even the hard times in life are awesome; there are always lessons to be learned. I figured that it was time I be honest then with my feelings now and look at them as being just as awesome as my other feelings. 

These past couple of days have been my first really strong feelings of being homesick for things and people that I know. I think I have been trying to push them away because I here in this amazing place and having unhappy feelings seems so weak but then I have to tell myself that it seems strange to be somewhere for four months and only have a couple different kinds of feelings; sadness is a feeling that needs to happen as well.

Everyone else in my house is gone for this three day weekend so I have had the place to myself. At moments this has been good but at other times it seems to drag on. Also, Luther has started spring break this week and it is hard to not think about friends and family and resting with them and spending time with them.

I have all confidence in the world that in a few short days I will be back to my smiling self and attacking life but tonight I am sad and ask for your strength to help me remember that these feelings are ok and that I am in NORWAY and in just over a week I will be off to ITALY, GREECE, SWEDEN, RUSSIA, and FRANCE!!!!! 


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