Sons of Norway

March 15, 2006

I know I said I probably wouldn’t update until after Germany but I just have to quickly tell about what I did last night. There is an organization called Sons od Norway which is basically a group of people that get together and talk and hang out. It is mostly older retired people. It is a group that is connected to the US and Canada. Because of this, they called us and wanted to know if we would like to come and hang out. Myself and three others were picked up by some members and drove half an hour into the highest tops of mountains to this awesome lodge. I was getting to see a completely different side of Norway. It is hard to explain what it looks like when it is dark outside and you are high up in the mountains and you can see little flashes of lights from all the sparsly scattered homes. Took my breathe away.

The meeting started with the singing of the Norwegian, US, and Canadian national anthems. Then they had a quick meeting and then the four of us became the center of attention. We introduced ourselves and told all about our families and why we came to Norway and what we were studying at school, etc. After some more singing it was time to be feed. They feed us the amazing waffles that everyone eats here with strawberry jam and whip cream. They kept making them so we kept eating.

For two hours we sat and just got to talk about everything and anything. It is really hard to explain. It was like sitting in a room with 10 grandmas and grandpas and being waited on and loved so completely. We all felt so at home and so loved and warmed. I don’t know. It is for sure one of my most favorite moments so far. I put up a group shot on my photo site so check it out.
Also, a side note. We have already gotten responses to our article in the newspaper. We have requests for walking dogs and playing with kids.

I have a meeting set up with a nine year old girl to hang out after school and practice English and work on homework. I am super excited.

Germany in 5 hours. Yikes!!! Sleep time.

Love you all.


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