Need of an Update

March 12, 2006

I know it has been a couple of days since I have written but the week’s excitment didn’t really happen until the end. We normally have class from 8-11 each day but this week we had that everyday and three days we had class from 1-3:30 as well so we were sort of busy with class and we had a paper due Friday and another due Tuesday so it was actually a week to be a student.

Now for the out of the ordinary news. On Thursday we headed down to town where we were interviewed by the local newspaper and had our picture taken. Because social services are so well taken care of here there is really no such thing as vollunteering, however many of us have been interested in doing some kind of work with residents while being here. We basically put a huge ad in the newspaper offering our time for cleaning, shoveling, babysitting, talking, playing games, cooking, etc. The agency that is helping us out with this thinks that we will get lots of responses because there are people that need help here but because so much is taken care of by the government, the little things that aren’t cost a lot. I have taken this on as my little project while being here. The story in the newspaper has the public calling the director at the agency and then she will call me and it will be my responsibility to find a student that is going to go out and do the job and make sure they have the transportation to get there and then log all the hours and what kind of projects were done. I am really looking forward to the “job”. As a group we feel pretty committed to this project. Both of our schools have mentions of service in their mission statements and to be the best ambassordors that we can be we want to continue that while here in Lillehammer.

Luther’s Mission:  As a community of faith, Luther College is committed to the Christian vision of service. This vision encourages the entire community to deal reflectively with challenges facing human beings in the world.

Concordia’s Mission: The purpose of Concordia College is to influence the affairs of the world by sending into society thoughtful men and women dedicated to the Christian life. 

On Friday we bundle up in nearly every article of clothing we owned and headed up to the ski jump for the World Cup Ski Jump. All I can say is OH MY GOSH!!!! This was such a crazy and unforgettable experience. Norwegians love their winter sports and their athletes. The crowd was huge and they were all in their sweaters and had flags and air horns and everything else they could need to be a crazy crowd. The Olympic torch was lit and the atmosphere was perfect. Of course we were the silly Americans and didn’t know what we needed to know. Apperently when you stand on the snow for five hours it is possible to loose all feeling to your toes and when you walk you don’t even feel your legs moving. (believe me, I know) However, the Norwegians all brought this mats that they stood on and were fine. Next time we will be prepared. I think the only way we survived was by eating and drinking the free soup and coffee that was being passed around. Being so cold really wore us out and we just kind of ached the rest of the night because we had been shivering all night.

On Saturday we just kind of had a lazy day and I played cards pretty much all day. Last night we celebrated three birthdays in the group so our leader’s wife made all of us homemade soup and it was so good!!!! Then we came back to our place and had a little party for them here which was nice.

This morning our leader had rented a car and we made our first trip to church. It was SOOOO awesome to be in a church. I was able to tell where we were in the service and that was really cool but at the same time it was hard to not be able to really participate. It was really nice to take communion and be a part of worship in some way. I don’t if we will be able to make it back and it was hard to not be able to do anything in the service but I am still glad that I was able to experience worship while I was here.

We head out to Germany on Wednesday and  I must get a paper done and find some time to do all this laundry. I will try super hard to keep you updated while in Germany. Here is a little peek at howe awesome this trip is going to be. Our first place we are staying is in the seminary in which Martin Luther studied. Oh man I am excited!!!!

Love you all.


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