A Visit to Hamar

February 28, 2006

We didn’t have class today so four of us decided to head to a town called Hamar. To sort of set a picture, Lillehammer is one of three towns located on Lake Mjosa.  Hamar is one of the other towns located on the lake.  The train ride took about 45 minutes and we found ourselves in this place we knew nothing about.  It was sort of funny to go there because while it looked a lot different than Lillehammer, there isn’t much to do. We found ourselves walking all around the downtown, or Sentrum.

After looking in some stores we talked to a clerk who suggested we go to some church ruins that would just be “a 30 minute walk in that direction”. We weren’t exactly sure which direction that was so we just kind of started walking. Of course we walked in the wrong direction and learned from another clerk that it would now be close to an hour walk. She suggested that we take a taxi. The funny thing about this is that Norway is a country with 4.5 million people and 5 million cell phones. Everyone here can make a call at any moment….except for us. We walked to the taxi station and found a really nice driver that offered to take us and come back in an hour to pick us up. We took his offer and we soon found ourselves at the ruins of a church built in 1152. Unfortunately, we got there at 4:05 and the buildings had closed at 4. To our benefit, the ruins are enclosed in the biggest glass structure in Europe so we were still able to see them. What sucked is we were able to see them in about 15 minutes and we found ourselves huddled in a corner of a building trying to block some of the wind. Our guy stayed true to his word and at exactly an hour later we found ourselves back in a warm taxi headed for the train station.

On the train back we couldn’t help but laugh at our day. We sort of didn’t do anything at all except walk around not buying anything and freezing our bodies solid but it was nice to get out of touristy and dreamy land of Lillehammer and see a “real” town.

Some exciting stuff is coming up that I know I will write about but still just have to say now. The man that runs the ski jump, Hans,  really likes Americans and last night showed up with free tickets to the World Cup Downhill Ski competition that is going on this weekend. Hopefully we can get out of class a little early to make it to that and then on Saturday we are headed to Oslo. Next weekend is the World Cup Ski Jump competition which Hans has invited us to go see. He has told us that if we show up early when it isn’t too busy he will take us up and down in the lift. Silly…maybe. Exciting….of course. Then the following week we leave for Germany.

Life is crazy and complicated and lovely and so much more than any word can explain.


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