Big Task Completed

February 26, 2006

So today I was presented with a challenge that I hadn’t prepared myself for…..laundry in a foreign language. I hadn’t really thought about this before I went so when I got the machines and saw at least a dozen buttons all labeled in a language I didn’t understand I felt completely helpless. I stuffed what I had into two machines, which by the way are like a 1/3 the size of American washers, and crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I am not exactly sure what I was pushing but I sort of felt like I just had to go with what felt right. I felt stressed for half a minute but then figured while studying abroad I should just go with the flow and all will be ok. However, the stress all came back when it came time to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer. I once again was presented with lots of buttons surrounded by language that I could only pick out certain words. I started it up and left hoping that when I came back my clothes would still semi-fit my body.

Funny side story, after changing my clothes to the dryer I was walking back to my place and I had my first fall. It has been rather warm here, around 40 degrees, so everything was melting. However, these next two weeks it is supposed to be 10 or less everyday so consequently everything is one nice thick layer of ice. I had all kinds of stuff in my hands so as I feel everything went everywhere. I started laughing really hard because while I was by myself, I feel right in the middle of the complex and I know there was someone in some window that saw me and was having a hearty laugh.

Anyways, back to laundry. After like 2 hours of drying I decided to take out my clothes. Not everything got that dry but nothing seems to have shrunk so I am going to call this wash a success. What’s funny is that I don’t remember anything that I pushed so I am sure that the next time I try to do laundry I will still have no clue what to do and I will try all new settings.

Yesterday, some of us went into town to walk the walking street and go into all the different shops. It was super sunny and I just felt happy being around all kinds of people. They are so family oriented here and it makes me smile to see a whole family all bundled up in snow pants and coats walking together.

Sending love to all of the people my heart misses.


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