Super Tourist

February 23, 2006

Time for another update of my Norway life. Yesterday was both Ashley and GeorgeAnn’s birthday so Doug had us over to their place last night for some coffee and cake. It was really nice and I like that we try and make things as much like home as possible. We then headed into town for Ashely’s birthday. I think that we all had a good time but it made getting up for 8 am class hard today.

This afternoon we headed down to the Lillehammer Art Museum. It was so amazing. I don’t know why but today I was really “touched” by some of the pieces I saw. Sometimes while I am at these museums I have to step outside of the situation and really think about what it is that I am looking at. Norway’s most well-known artist is Edvard Munch. His most famous piece would be “Scream”. Today I was looking at pieces that his teacher did before Munch was even a student. I have fallen in love with the amount of history that can be learned from paintings. The earliest ones we were looking at have lots of people in them in traditional Norwegian clothing and landscapes. At that time Norway had just gained its independence from Denmark and had a very strong sense of pride and wanted to capture every piece of beauty the country has.

One piece that I couldn’t break away from was simply called “Baptism”. It was done in 1870 and is a painting of a typical scene of a baptism. It got my mind and heart going at top speed. I don’t really want to talk about it all now but I loved the way one person’s depiction of something so common could have such an impact on me more than 130 years later.
Doug said something today that has been rolling around in my head now. He said once your mind becomes artistic you never see life the same way again. What he was saying was once you notice colors and lights and and the passion put into a piece you start to take that “critique” into the real world. I think that is so awesome and so true. After we left the museum we went on a tour of the city and I felt like I was seeing the world completely different. I was seeing the sun as something so spectacular with the way it shines in some places and not others. All these colors were popping out at me and I was filled with all kinds of emotions.

I am confused right now with all that is inside of me. I think it is all really cool stuff but I think that this is a hard situation because we do so much awesome stuff everyday and I don’t want to loose any of it but I don’t have time to process it all. The life of Europe. Crazy.


3 Responses to “Super Tourist”

  1. Erin Says:

    Kel! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the art world and getting to see so much great stuff with people who really know about it–that makes such a big difference. I really miss that. For all the great art I know Russia has, the museums are so far away from me, and the people I travel with aren’t really into it.

    About Petersburg… I don’t know if it is going to fly. It’s pretty far away from where I am, and I would only have two days and a half days. I’ve tried to talk to my resident director about taking another day, but they are really strict about attendence here. I’m sorry. I really really wanted it to work out.

  2. Erin Says:

    tell christine to e-mail her butt over here. we need to talk about senior show stuff (unless she doesn’t want to show with me???? tell her I said that last part and watch her make a face)

  3. Anne L. Says:

    Very cool notes. I especially like the comment about the artistic view of the world. Very mature thinking on his and your part. I am having a hard time opening the blog and the comment section and hope it’s simply a computer hangup on my end. You write very well….it makes me feel as though I am reading a story or novel and places me exactly where you are. Thanks for sharing. Mrs. L.

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