New Favorite Class?

February 21, 2006

Today we met with our religion professor, Dag Otter for the first time. He is the husband of our Norwegian professor, Beret. Dag is a very charming man with lots of skill in speaking English and religion. He is a professor of religion at Hedmark College University in Hamar which is about 40 minutes south of here. Every college specializes in a few programs and at his school they specialize in religion and education. He has studied religion for quite some time. He is very knowledgeable on the topic. He was appointed by the government to be in charge of the committee of religion that rewrote the curriculum for all Norwegian students in the public school system. Because of the state church, there is still religion being taught in the public schools. Every student is required to have two periods of religion each week, with a period being 45 minutes.

I am really excited for our class.  We are going to be learning about The Church of Norway (Lutheran Church). We will learn about the history of the church and how it plays into the daily lives of Norwegians and how in the past 20 years there has been increased numbers of other religions coming into Norway making the State Church loose numbers. We will also be spending time on Judaism in Norway and it’s connection to the Holocaust. Finally, we will do some reading on the Orthodox Church of Russia and the Baltic. We will be going with Dag to Germany to see all the sights of Martin Luther and we will be visiting a concentration camp. I have to remind myself of all the awesome opportunities that I am being given and try and live them as slow as possible so I can get as much out of them as I possibly can!

I headed into town today with some friends and we found our way to the local mall. We did some typical American spending. I don’t think this will happen much though because there are few stores and we went through them all. I am hoping to talk to Beret tomorrow about maybe being able to go down to the center for immigration to do some kind of volunteering. We have afternoons free and while I should be doing homework I really want to do some other stuff to stay busy.

We found out we are headed down to Oslo this weekend with our Professor Birger Eide so I am looking forward to traveling with him.

Hope life is well for everyone.



One Response to “New Favorite Class?”

  1. Anne L. Says:

    I am curious about the passion for church and religion among the Norwegians? Much to my surprise, our foreign exchange student, Anna,(German) indicates that church and religion do not play a major role in her life and the lives of other Germans. I was naive to think that religion in Europe, and especially Germany, would be even stronger than it is here is America. Apparently it’s not. She is “on the fence” when it comes to Christianity, stating she believes in a higher power but not conviced that Jesus is a savior. Write your thoughts when you get a chance. Mrs. L.

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