Classes have begun

February 20, 2006

Today we started classes at 8:30. My first class was Norwegian Culture. We are going to be doing a lot of comparing Norway with the USA and other countries in Scandinavia. My professor is Birger Eide and I really enjoy him a lot. He is an awesome sense of humor and you can tell that he really enjoys teaching. We are going to be doing a lot with history and government but he also wants us to understand the culture past and present. He told us today that we are going to the World Cup Ski Jumping Competition!!!! I think that is going to be such an awesome thing to go and see. The outdoor sports are so big here. Everywhere you look the Olympics are on. They are on in places you wouldn’t even imagine. Birger told us that Sunday in church the pastor had a huge TV hanging on the wall and the congregation watched a relay race that they had all been anticipating. Unfortunately, the Norwegians lost so then the sermon was all about how to deal with disappointments in life. Crazy Norwegians.

This afternoon we had the first of our language class with Beret. She is super nice and a social workers so I am really interested in getting to talk with her and do some learning about the welfare state here. I was surprised how quickly the language came back so I am ready to go to town again tomorrow and see what becomes even more comfortable.

I have my religion class tomorrow at 8:15 with Beret’s husband Dag. I am really excited for that class actually. I think it is going to be really interesting.

Nothing really else going on. Have to start a paper on Martin Luther for Friday. Wish me luck.


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