Some more stories

February 19, 2006

I was just thinking to myself that I must have a lot of time on my hands if I have been able to update everyday and I have since I haven’t actually started classes. I start class on Monday so for now we are just kind of hanging out and getting used to it all. I slept till a little past one this afternoon. It had been go, go, go since we left so I finally had a chance to just sleep. I am thinking this will be the case again tonight but I also think I should try and get on a schedule. I guess I will just see what my body wants me to do.

After finally waking up and getting ready for the day, myself and some others headed back into town. We are just kind of thinking the more practice the better. We headed to a different grocery store to get some things we forgot and found a bigger and cheaper selection which was awesome to find. All of the stores close around here just after 4 so there was nothing else really to do but we at least saw stuff so we know what there is to go back and see. We headed back here and made some dinner and just kind of sat around.

We had decided earlier that we were all going to go out tonight. However, with how expensive everything is here we thought it be best to do some partying before we headed out. On our way to the bus to town we actually stopped at an apartment that was having a ’90s party so that was kind of fun to meet some “locals”. While they knew English, conversation was still a little difficult so four of us left to head into town and with the intentions of meeting up with the others later on. We into town alright but learned that the Norwegians don’t go to the bars till well after 11 which is hard because we are limited to schedule of the bus which last runs at 12:45.

Shortly after getting to town we decided that we would head back and just hang out and play cards and just have our own little party. We got super excited for the plan and headed back to the bus stop think we would just have to wait 30 minutes. Of course our brilliance was short lived as we realized that we would be waiting another hour on top of those 30 minutes. There was no reason to get upset becasue there was nothing we coud do so we just hung out in the bus station till it was time to come home. As we were talking later we were saying that although it seems like we didn’t do much, the number of stories we have make up for it all.

I finally took some pictures of my surroundings today so make sure and check them out.



One Response to “Some more stories”

  1. Jake Says:

    Sucks that you can’t just live in Norway for 5 months and not go to school. Lamy.

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