First Day Craziness

February 17, 2006

Today after a short but sweet 4 hours of sleep, I headed over with the group to the school. Once we got there we got our meal tickets and finally had some food to eat after having our last meal 18 hours earlier. It was a nice meal but money will be tight here so it is always important to spend every last Kroner available on fruit or something.

After a short nap, we got our food money for the week and our bus pass which has unlimited use. We made our way into town and stopped off at the bank to get some more money and then we made it to the grocery store. This is was quite the experience buying all the food I need for myself. It’s funny to me that the first time I am living on my own I am doing it in Norway. Everything is super expensive so choices were really thought out. There are still things that the apartment needs like dish washing soap and we will soon run out of toliet paper and we need some garbage bags but I didn’t want to get any of that until we talked about it and divided it up as a group.

We got back to school around 3:30 to eat dinner. Super weird but everything is closed by 4 on Fridays. It was more like lunch to us so I am not sure what kind of schedule we will be keeping. We each get two meals a day so we will just have to wait and see which ones we will be eating in the caf. After dinner/lunch we met with our religion professor Birger Eide and had a short meeting with him. He seems like an awesome guy and I am excited to get to be taught by him.

It is now 6:40 at night and super dark and rather cold as it has been around 17/18 degrees and snowing all day. I am thinking I am going to have a nice night in with some Olympics and give my body another day to catch up with this new schedule.

Miss you all and think of you often.


2 Responses to “First Day Craziness”

  1. your aunt Says:

    It’s warmer there then at home, it’s Saturday morning at 7:15am and the temp is 9 below.

  2. Erin Says:

    Glad to hear you made it there safe. I have to say I’m a bit jealous of your flight experience, though. I had to sit next to a drunk and overly friendly Russian for eight hours on the way to Germany.
    I hope you’re settling in well and doing lots of good comparison shopping.

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