First post from Norway

February 16, 2006

I can for the first time say I am home in Lillehammer.

My journey started Monday morning when my parents came and got me from Rochester where I had been staying with some friends for the weekend. I flew out of Minneapolis at 5:30 that night into Chicago. We left for Copenhagen, Denmark at 10:05 that night on what can easlily be defined as the best flight I have ever been on. Each passenger had their own TV screen with a removable, retractable remote and game controller. For our entertainment needs we had games to choose from to play, movies to watch, music to listen to, TV to watch; the possibilities were endless. I chose to watch the movies Elizabethtown, Just Like Heaven, and a little NBC primetime. We were served both dinner and breakfast which were both quite enjoyable. What ulitmately made the flight was the fact that it was barely half-full. As I walked to the bathroom I saw multiple people who were laying out over four seats by themselves. Personally, I had two seats to myself and I tried advantage as best I could of the space because when we landed our bodies thought it was 6am but indeed it was 1pm.

After getting everything together we headed to our hotel which was an interesting task because Copenhagen is known as the bycicle capital of the world. They are everywhere and it makes it hard to manage a semester’s worth of luggage around the streets. Right away we went out as a group to tour the city and get a feel for our surroundings. After an early dinner I was in bed by 7:30 along with the rest of the group. We all realized later that we all woke up in the middle of the night completely awake and troubled with knowing that it was night time outside. The next day we headed to two museums.

The first museum was the National Museum which contained more about Danish history than anyone can possibly imagine. It was super interesting but I don’t want to bore anyone so you can look at some of my pictures if you want. We then headed to another museum that had a cool ancient art exhibit and then we went and looked at some art. While we were all tired we thought it would be best to stay up. Christine and I went to do a little exploring and then we met up with the group that night for dinner and some good drinks. The bedtime last night was around 1:30am much different than the 7:30 the night before.

This morning we got all packed up and stored our luggage in the hotel and headed to an awesome art museum. Not that it means a lot to many but there were so many awesome artists there and it is a little weird to think about whose art I was actually seeing. I saw some Picasso, Matisse, Courbet, Ernst, Braque, Monet…and it goes on and on. We then headed back to the hotel, got our stuff, wound ourselves back through the maze of bikes and headed back to the airport. Our flight was delayed to Oslo due to snow in Oslo and then an accident at the airport. We got into Oslo around 7:00 and caught and 8:00 train to Lillehammer. At 9:55 tonight, over the intercom we get the announcement for the Lillehammer stop so we all get up and get ready to manuver our luggage once more but then all of a sudden the train is no longer moving. This seemed a littel odd considering how close we were to the station. Unfortunately, we found out that the train hit a man and we were “stucK” for over two hours while the police dealt with the situation.

Finally, near midnight tonight, we walked into our flats. We are all unpacked and moved in and I will post pictures soon. It is now close to 2:30 and we start the day at 9 so I am going to try and attempt sleep. Wish me luck. Don’t forget to look at the photo site. (it’s on the side)


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