I think I can just see you over all of this snow….

February 6, 2006

I survived my first week up here at Bemidji. We did lots of learning and lots of shivering in this world of snow, pines, and lakes. I only knew of this land from movies so it is funny to see that places like this actually exist.

I had a lovely weekend trip back down to Luther to see some friends and maintain a connection to the real material world outside of nature.

Got back last night and studied, studied, studied for an Art History test that I took this morning. I kind of really love learning about it all and the test went well.

We are here until Friday morning doing lots more learning and I am sure much more shivering. It’s funny, it’s colder here then it will be in Norway. It’s a good way to build up my tolerance.

Norway in one week.  Yikes.


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